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My Workout Motto:
Never hide your workouts and/or runs. Let everyone know. Its only then you can get the support that will help you on your way to your goals. You can get there on your own accord and will but friend and family can be the wind at your back to help you along the trail. And everyone know that running with the wind is always better than running against it.

Racing the Ghosts

And so #getourbuttsinweddingshape101 started last night and what a workout. 5mi on the bike followed up with a push-up, sit-up, and plank challenge; then topped it off with Day 1 of T-25. I am sore this morning, but a good sore.

Drove the Jersey car to work today and man is it nice. Warmup workout this weekend before we kick it up a notch and hit the ground running on Monday.

So I have been told to get off my ass and start blogging again. I guess I have just been enjoying life so much I forgot about blogging so back I have returned.

It’s coming up on the end of the third week Sarah has been a Minnesotan and days have been busy as hell. We have been running all over the place and still are unpacking her and changing up the house a bit to have her touch on the place. And the changes she’s made have actually all been good and make sense.

I would say some of the simple pleasures I have enjoyed the most is coming home at night after work to a warm house with life in it, getting addicted to Netflix (Orange is the New Black), and waking up to her each morning.

I plan on getting the workout bandwagon back up and running again this weekend as I figure it’s about time I start getting buff for the wedding.

Well folks, that’s it’s for now. Have a great day…

And she becomes a Minnesotan…

Heading to NJ tomorrow and getting my medal baby. And bringing back a kitty. And seeing my awesome and totally sexy fiancé. sarahspeaksnow


I met up with trivialbob, mrstrivialbob and racingtheghosts for dinner tonight! If you are ever in the Mpls area, get up with these lovely people! Two of my students chose to join us as well. I told them that we met on an “online running club”. They’ll believe anything. :)

Sheila knows me well and gave me a little present for later. ;)

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No rain in ages, but race day is here and hello Mother Nature…

Sitting here today and cannot wrap my mind around or comprehend just how happy I am with life. Within 1 months time…

~ I will travel to New Jersey not once, but twice.
~ I will run two races, a 10-Miler and a Half Marathon in two different states.
~ I will travel cross country in a car with the best navigator I have ever met.
~ I will have my first pet in the house in over 10 years, Daniel doesn’t count.
~ And best of all, sarahspeaksnow will become a Minnesotan…

Life is beyond wonderful and it continues to get better each day…

Beer, YouTube, your kid + the neighborhood kid equals a great and fun Sat Night. Just missing my other half and it would be perfect… sarahspeaksnow

Bullet-Point Thursday

~ I love my new running shoes and shoe dogs! ~ Thanks again Beks…
~ First run this morning since I got sick before the Bahamas and 3 miles kicked my ass. 10 Miles next Saturday on a VERY HILLY course should be a blast.
~ The knee is still feeling great and feels stronger each day…winning…
~ Looking forward to some time with the kid this weekend.
~ Pealing from sunburn is not only overrated, its itchy as well.
~ Gym Etiquette for the Day: Gel & Water are approved on the track for a quick boost of energy. Eating your complete breakfast consisting of a bagel, oatmeal, and fruit is pushing it a bit.

That is all I have folks, have a great day…

Hello from Minnesota…

Well it has been quite a while since I even opened up notepad to start a post, and it actually feels great to do so today. So here you are folks, the return of Racing the Ghosts, bullet-points…

~ The last couple weeks have really been hammering me down. I got sick, and that shut down my running, the weather in Minnesota for the first time since I can remember had burned me out from the snow and cold, and top it off with I was missing someone special to me very much.
~ The amazing thing is, this past “extended weekend” I was able to cure all of those things.
~ Had a great time in NJ before and after the Bahamas leg of my trip. So fun to see my future in-laws as I think they are awesome.
~ While in NJ, scored my new running shoes, Saucony Guide 7’s and in an awesome color to boot.
~ I will let the pictures of the Bahamas pretty much speak for themselves only adding that the spread that Chase puts on for its employees is simply “AMAZING !!!”
~ Kicked the cold the day before the trip and the warm temps of the island cured the Winter Blues
~ Got back home into MN late yesterday and cannot believe I hop a plane back to NJ in 3 weeks and bring home the first of my girls to MN. Then 11 days after I return to MN, I return to NJ and drive the most important girl home.
~ Plan is to unpack this weekend and then actually pack again next weekend after my race.
~ 10 days and a handful of hours until my 1st race of the season and I do not feel ready for it at all, but am going to enjoy it and run what the body will allow. sarahspeaksnow

Just wanted to pop in for a min and say thank you to my Secret Santa for sending me all these cool goodies. kategoesrunning

I promise I am alive and kicking folks. Just taking a break as the past few weeks, writing up and posting has seemed like a job and not the fun it used to be. So I am still reading and keeping up, and you will hopefully see my smiling face back posting before you know it.

The 10 day forecast shows 7 days below zero so we should then move into a tie for fourth place all time.

The silence you here is all of us Minnesotans praying for Spring…