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My Workout Motto:
Never hide your workouts and/or runs. Let everyone know. Its only then you can get the support that will help you on your way to your goals. You can get there on your own accord and will but friend and family can be the wind at your back to help you along the trail. And everyone know that running with the wind is always better than running against it.

Racing the Ghosts

Heading to NJ tomorrow and getting my medal baby. And bringing back a kitty. And seeing my awesome and totally sexy fiancé. sarahspeaksnow


I met up with trivialbob, mrstrivialbob and racingtheghosts for dinner tonight! If you are ever in the Mpls area, get up with these lovely people! Two of my students chose to join us as well. I told them that we met on an “online running club”. They’ll believe anything. :)

Sheila knows me well and gave me a little present for later. ;)

No rain in ages, but race day is here and hello Mother Nature…

Sitting here today and cannot wrap my mind around or comprehend just how happy I am with life. Within 1 months time…

~ I will travel to New Jersey not once, but twice.
~ I will run two races, a 10-Miler and a Half Marathon in two different states.
~ I will travel cross country in a car with the best navigator I have ever met.
~ I will have my first pet in the house in over 10 years, Daniel doesn’t count.
~ And best of all, sarahspeaksnow will become a Minnesotan…

Life is beyond wonderful and it continues to get better each day…

Beer, YouTube, your kid + the neighborhood kid equals a great and fun Sat Night. Just missing my other half and it would be perfect… sarahspeaksnow

Bullet-Point Thursday

~ I love my new running shoes and shoe dogs! ~ Thanks again Beks…
~ First run this morning since I got sick before the Bahamas and 3 miles kicked my ass. 10 Miles next Saturday on a VERY HILLY course should be a blast.
~ The knee is still feeling great and feels stronger each day…winning…
~ Looking forward to some time with the kid this weekend.
~ Pealing from sunburn is not only overrated, its itchy as well.
~ Gym Etiquette for the Day: Gel & Water are approved on the track for a quick boost of energy. Eating your complete breakfast consisting of a bagel, oatmeal, and fruit is pushing it a bit.

That is all I have folks, have a great day…

Hello from Minnesota…

Well it has been quite a while since I even opened up notepad to start a post, and it actually feels great to do so today. So here you are folks, the return of Racing the Ghosts, bullet-points…

~ The last couple weeks have really been hammering me down. I got sick, and that shut down my running, the weather in Minnesota for the first time since I can remember had burned me out from the snow and cold, and top it off with I was missing someone special to me very much.
~ The amazing thing is, this past “extended weekend” I was able to cure all of those things.
~ Had a great time in NJ before and after the Bahamas leg of my trip. So fun to see my future in-laws as I think they are awesome.
~ While in NJ, scored my new running shoes, Saucony Guide 7’s and in an awesome color to boot.
~ I will let the pictures of the Bahamas pretty much speak for themselves only adding that the spread that Chase puts on for its employees is simply “AMAZING !!!”
~ Kicked the cold the day before the trip and the warm temps of the island cured the Winter Blues
~ Got back home into MN late yesterday and cannot believe I hop a plane back to NJ in 3 weeks and bring home the first of my girls to MN. Then 11 days after I return to MN, I return to NJ and drive the most important girl home.
~ Plan is to unpack this weekend and then actually pack again next weekend after my race.
~ 10 days and a handful of hours until my 1st race of the season and I do not feel ready for it at all, but am going to enjoy it and run what the body will allow. sarahspeaksnow

Just wanted to pop in for a min and say thank you to my Secret Santa for sending me all these cool goodies. kategoesrunning

I promise I am alive and kicking folks. Just taking a break as the past few weeks, writing up and posting has seemed like a job and not the fun it used to be. So I am still reading and keeping up, and you will hopefully see my smiling face back posting before you know it.

The 10 day forecast shows 7 days below zero so we should then move into a tie for fourth place all time.

The silence you here is all of us Minnesotans praying for Spring…

I have been trying to write this post since last Friday and it has just been kicking my ass left and right. I am normally not at a loss for words and this hasn’t been so much as a loss for them, just scrambled and not sure how I wanted to get them out. But I am pushing through and giving it my best shot anyways.

This past Saturday, was the one year anniversary of my appendix rupturing and my close call with the Grim Reaper. I guess what really brought everything into full focus was the car accident I came upon the week before last from which the woman died. She was my age and had a much different outcome then mine and it really had me thinking about things and thinking about the past year.

Before I go on, let me fill in the back story for my followers that are not aware of what happened…

[Monday, February 18th, 2013]
~ The day started off as normal but I had been dealing with a bit of pain on my right side. I had figured it was from running and blew it off.

[Tuesday, February 19th, 2013]
~ Side still was bothering me even after my run and I still believed it was from running and let it go. Painful, but tolerable.

[Wednesday, February 20th, 2013]
~ Side was killing me at this point so I took the evening and did some stretching to loosen everything up. Afterwards it felt a little better and I figured I was good to go.

[Thursday, February 21th, 2013]
~ Felt great all day as the side wasn’t bothering me at all. I believed I had it beat and that I fixed the issue with the side. I took a nice warm shower and headed to bed after packing my bag for Soccer on Friday.

[Friday, February 22nd, 2013]
~ About 3:00am: I wake up outta a dead sleep with excruciating pain in my side. I stumble to the shower and hit the hot water to ease the pain, it helps a little but the pain is crazy. I tried laying back down but cannot get back to sleep. I grab a heating pad but with every breath it hurts…
~ About 5:00am: Have not been back to sleep and am fighting the pain and throw in the towel and take some ibuprofen, and take another hot shower.
~ About 7:00am: I call work and take a sick day as I have not slept since about 3am. I also shoot an email to my team that I will not make the game that night because I was ill. About this time I take my temperature and am running a temperature of about 102. Time to hit WebMD.
~ About 8:00am: I hate WebMD, everything is pointing to my appendix and I still think they are wrong. I call my sister and parents and ask their opinion and both say get to the ER ASAP. I say I will wait it out a bit and see how it goes.
~ About 10:00am: My parents call to check in and I am still in crazy pain. I agree to go if it isn’t gone by 1:00pm. They are not happy but were heading out to pick-up my nephew for the weekend.
~ About 11:00am: I hear a knock at the door and slowly make my way to open it. It’s my parents. I tell them over and over I am fine and will be okay. My mom disagrees and heads to the bathroom as I talk to my dad in the living room. I go to get a glass of water in the kitchen and I collapse to my knees on the floor. I am short of breath and I tell my dad I give, and that I will go with. He mentions going to my sisters and my mom pops around the corner and says, “No, we need to get him to the ER right now.” Thank God the ER was only about a half mile from my house. I got there and was rushed right in, where the nurse took my vitals and the doctor was in the room within minutes. She put two fingers on me and knew in an instant what the issue was. To be sure, they ran some quick blood work and then sent me downstairs for a quick CAT scan - the results were confirmed. She was concerned and called a hospital about 15 miles away and had them prep the OR for me.
~ From here on the times get a bit blurry for me. I was rushed by my Mom to the other hospital. We got there and as I was checking in they told me I would be waiting with the other folks to my right and would be called within and hour. She then was explaining how it would go, I would be called up, and after about 45min of Pre-OP, my Mom could pop up and say hello before they wheeled me into the OR. Well, once they got my name, she directed me right to the OR elevator and said to go right away as they were waiting for me. I got up there and they threw me a paper gown and said change right away. I asked if I could keep my underwear on and was told no. I changed and was on the cart and in a flash there were 4-5 doctors and such whizzing by me and letting me know all that was going to happen. They told me the procedure would take no more than 45 minutes and should go without a hitch. My mom popped up about 10mins later and then I was off to surgery. The last thing I remember was them popping me on the table and saying, “Is he allergic to anything?…” and I was out…
~ I woke up in recovery and the first think I did was look at the clock. It was after 7pm… I looked to the nurse next to me and asked if I lived. She said I did, but that it wasn’t pretty and I was lucky. I asked if my family knew I was okay and she said they did and I relaxed until I was wheeled into my room. After they got me to my room, the nurse asked if there was anything she could get me. I asked, simply, “Can I please have my underwear?” and she let me have them. My family popped in and said hello and gave me the gist of what happened. The next couple hours where basic hospital room stuff until I got to talk to my doctor and he gave me the full scoop.
~ My appendix had rupture and the infection had spread quite a bit. I lucked out because my stomach encapsulated around it and prevented it from leaking much worse. The 45min surgery took over 3hrs and he basically told me another hour of two and things would have been much different. I took that to heart and had a lot of time to think about that, for the rest of the evening.

The biggest thing as I have reflected for the past year is that I wanted to take charge of my life and no longer be a spectator. I wanted to take some chances and start living. I was given a 2nd chance and wanted to take full advantage of it. So that is where I am left right now. I question if over the past year if I have truly made the best of the last year.

Have I become a better father, a better son, a better uncle, and a better brother?
Have I finally made myself happy in life?

I have only to look at what has transpired over the past 12 months to find my answers and I am quite happy with the results. I have become a home brewer, a triathlete, and a lover. I believe I am someone that people look up to and have made a difference over the past 12 months. I am more outgoing than before, I am trying new things, and I have met many wonderful new people that I would call friends along the way. I feel I finally took a step forward in life and took a hold of it by the horns and no longer watched it pass me by.

But most importantly, when love knocked on my door, I was ready and took a chance and was rewarded beyond belief. The most amazing thing that has ever happened to me in my life, happened in the past year. Sarah sarahspeaksnow came into my life and showed me how wonderful life can truly be, and we have only begun our long journey together so the sky is the limit. She is beyond amazing and to be 100%, she is the person I want to not only have children with, but the person I want to grow old with as well. She is the reason I pulled through… she was meant for me…


~ Had my Biometric Screening this morning and it went quite well.
~ My HDL (High-Density Lipoprotein) Cholesterol is a bit low so I was recommended to eat more chicken and nuts, but the irony is that I eat almost solely chicken as I eat very little red meat anymore, so go figure.
~ Had a slight disagreement with the nice woman who was going over my Screening Results with me on the whole BMI scale. She mentioned that if I drop 5 more points I will be in the “normal” range and no longer “overweight”. I said that I felt normal because I have a different build then the perfect model used for the basis for the BMI charts and I am always a bit high on the chart so I wasn’t too worried. She then motioned to herself and said her build makes her BMI invalid as well and giggled at which I felt like she was mocking me a bit. I then explained that without using calipers and doing a full body fat analysis, that it skewed true BMI results typically just makes people feel worse about their weight. She then agreed with me and we chatted a bit more and when we finished she actually thanked me for my time as I did her.
~ I enjoy places offering services like this but I think pushing BMI discourages folks as when you label them as “overweight”, “obese”, and “extremely obese” can have the opposite effect as you want. The majority of the people I saw in the screening, were to the naked eye, overweight. It was a great thing that they were in there in the first place to find out their current health status, even on a quick snapshot, as it’s a great step to starting the journey to bettering their health. Just my 3 cents on the topic.
~ 90 Crunches and a 2 1/2 minutes plank last night and I was crying for my mommy. I hate crunches and read off to Sarah the license plate number of the truck that ran me over when I woke up this morning. Sore all over, but a good sore.
~ Push-Ups (Sets 20-25-15-15-23+) and 95 Crunches on docket for tonight.
~ Lastly, my Triglyceride we actually very low and thus Sarah has been right all along with me weight loss slowdown. I am not eating enough. Go Figure!
~ Have a great rest of the day everyone…

Yes Virginia, there is an awesome Fiancée, and she is mine. Check out the awesome engagement gift I get from @sarahspeaksnow. She was the best beforehand, now she’s like the best ever with Rainbow Sprinkles on top…

Have I mentioned how awesome our new bed is? OMG, this thing is a freaking dream. Cool and firm as you lay down, and as your body warms it, you sink in and it molds around you. Soooooo awesome, and such a great night’s sleep…

Plus, each night I sleep on my side it gets more and more comfortable. Poor Sarah’s side will be still be stiff until she gets back here and can start loosening her side up…


~ I gave the Dreadmill a chance today and well, it failed me, but not for the reasons I thought it would be of utter boredom. The issue I have is that because of my long stride when I run, the treadmill forces me to shorten it, thus trashing my form and slowing me down and tiring me out quicker. I tried this out with my 3.5 miles run today. The first mile was on the track at 7:45m, the second mile on the treadmill was at about 9:25m, and the last 1.5 miles back on the track we at about 11:15m. That being said, bye-bye to the treadmill unless it is my only option.
~ Looking forward to the 40+ temps the next couple days in Minnesota, but not looking forward to the 6-10 inches of snow due Thursday night into Friday morning.
~ I would like to be able to run outside at some point before my first race of the season, but Jack Frost needs to get the hell outta town first.
~ Monday’s Workout @ 30 Day ~ Plank Challenge (120s Plank)
~ Monday’s Workout @ 30 Day ~ Crunch Challenge (85 Crunches)
~ Monday’s Workout @ 100 Push-Up Challenge (14-18-14-14-20+ Push-Ups)
~ That’s all I got for now… Have a great day everyone…