Loyal & Loving Fiance


My Workout Motto:
Never hide your workouts and/or runs. Let everyone know. Its only then you can get the support that will help you on your way to your goals. You can get there on your own accord and will but friend and family can be the wind at your back to help you along the trail. And everyone know that running with the wind is always better than running against it.

Racing the Ghosts

Plan for the day was 15 miles, when I got up this morning, the body was sore, legs, back, thighs, arms, and toes and I had zero ambition to run at all.  After a couple texts back and forth with Jersey Spice…I got the lead outta my ass, made a cup for coffee and had a few waffles and hit the trail with D.  We setup a water station up at the 3.5mi mark and I think that would have been fine if the weather stayed overcast, but at about mile 5 the seas parted and the sun opened fire.  It got hot and humid very quickly…and hydration became an issue.  The knee also got a bit sore around mile 9 and just short of mile 11 I shut it down as a precaution.
Overall it was a good run, and with water-stations at Grandmas every 3mi or less this sound not be an issue.  As well as Grandmas being much flatter..  All I can tell you is that dropping 3.4lbs of water weight in 10.75mi is a bad thing when you’ve drank 3 bottles of water along the way.  But like I said, very happy with this run.

Have a Great Day Everyone…..And Good Luck to All the Racers…