Loyal & Loving Fiance


My Workout Motto:
Never hide your workouts and/or runs. Let everyone know. Its only then you can get the support that will help you on your way to your goals. You can get there on your own accord and will but friend and family can be the wind at your back to help you along the trail. And everyone know that running with the wind is always better than running against it.

Racing the Ghosts

So Tumblrs, who is running Warrior Dash tomorrow in Hugo, Minnesota?  I will be there representing "Team Jarah", but sorry folks, my better half is back in NJ for the time being so you will have to settle for only little old me.

From what I can see, my wave is at 11:30am so I am looking to meet out there around 11am and then hit either the 11:30am/12:00pm wave and run on through.

Currently, I am aware of Cookie Girl / Runner Girl, The End Guy, Tumbling Off The Couch, & Kickin’ up the Pace heading out the run and meetup.

Anyone else wanna join us?