Loyal & Loving Fiance


My Workout Motto:
Never hide your workouts and/or runs. Let everyone know. Its only then you can get the support that will help you on your way to your goals. You can get there on your own accord and will but friend and family can be the wind at your back to help you along the trail. And everyone know that running with the wind is always better than running against it.

Racing the Ghosts

A bit of a chilly one out there this morning in the wonderful Twin Cities.  Most of the snow from the other day is gone, but there was quite a bit of ice and snow left behind on the bridges and areas that do not get a lot of sun, so that kept the run interesting as I had to keep an eye on my footing.

My times are keeping in the 8.5 per min mark for the 5k distance and I am feeling good with the hills I have around me that I could challenge finally breaking my 5k PR on a typical race course that was a tad bit flatter.

But I am more concerned right now with continuing to strengthen the knee in preparing for the half training that begins in January for Long Branch in New Jersey.  After that we get to flip into Marathon training for Grandma’s and it will be nice to have a running buddy from that point on as Sarah will be in Minnesota full time.  As we all know, it is a lot more fun to have company on the longer runs than running solo.

Well I will now release your dashes back to you.  Have a great day everyone.